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Who is the
Urban District Leadership Collaborative?


The Ohio Mid-Sized Urban Districts Leadership Collaborative consists of Chief Executive Officers in School Districts in Ohio that average between 1,000 and 10,000 students. Our mission is to significantly advance school achievement among a growing diverse group of students in Ohio in order to ensure that can actively participate in a global economic and technologically driven culture. Our collaborative is focused on capitalizing on innovative, transformational, and new-era thinking as it relates to students, teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Ohio Mid-Sized Urban Districts Collaborative members represent a significant number of students and families and we are focused on ensuring their active participation in growing and attracting economic development and opportunities for growth and inclusion of all citizens in Ohio.


The vision of the Ohio Mid-Sized Urban Districts Leadership Collaborative is to significantly raise educational achievement in diverse school districts in Ohio by integrating innovative school designs, best practices by peer districts, and through intensive and robust critical feedback through three primary ways, (a) implementing a rigorous instructional rounds, (b) provide peer-based leadership support to superintendents in Ohio within their first three years of service, and (3) advancing educational policy through advocacy for Ohio’s most deserving students and families. Our vision is to create and implement school transformation strategies that will identify the Ohio Mid-Sized Urban Districts Collaborative as a state and national model of effective school reform.


Our members represent school districts from across the state of Ohio. Check out the interactive map below to see where our members represent.

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