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Our Work

In an effort to grow Ohio Mid-Sized Urban School Districts, our organization is committed to working towards a collaborative effort between districts. Below you will find details on the work that our organization is committed to.



Detailed Option for Each Identified Impediment

Impediment 1: Academic Distress Comission

Impediment 2: Ohio Report Card (a)

Impediment 3: Ohio Report Card (b)

Impediment 4: Transparency regarding calculation of Value Added Scores

Impediment 5: Authentic and Integrated Leadership Training for Urban Superintendents

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Instructional Improvement Framework

Superintendents and Teachers from across the state visit different schools in an effort to exchange information. The purpose of doing this is so that we have an ability to get feedback from people who work in school districts that are very similar to ours, that face the same kinds of challenges, and that serve the same kinds of populations. Watch the recap video to the right for more information

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